До мурашек: playlist from frontman NIAMH

«Hello 🙂 I’m Mike from NIAMH — italian metalcore band. Here is my «playlist» of 5 favourite songs!»

36 Crazyfists — Slit wrist Theory

It was a period I wasn’t finding anything musically stimulating. Absolute boredom. When I accidentally step on this band from Alaska. And I thought — «Oh finally the passion and the intensity I needed!»

Spineshank — Synthetic

This was for me like a «LET’S STEP OUT OF DEATH METAL AND FIND OUT NEW MUSIC» period for me. Eons ago. And at the same time I thought — «electronics and metal together?? WTF??»

Heart of a Coward — Distance

I discovered them during the last «Faine Misto festival» where we played, and since that I haven’t stopped listening to them.

Static X — Hollow

One of my fav bands ever. And ever. I hope we can share the stage with them in October as opener for the Russian part of their European tour. Damn, I ate this quarantine…

In Flames — Only for the Weak

What to say? Who doesn’t love In Flames?

Thanks 🙂

Author: Alina Myronova

Text: Michele Nocentini

Photo: from the archive of the band

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